Prestressed Concrete Wall Panels

In 2006 B. McCaffrey & Sons Ltd erected a purpose built factory unit within their quarry to manufacture Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels.

The off-site manufacture together with the ability to erect large areas in one day will facilitate stringent construction programmes and fast track projects.

Delivered and installed using our own fleet.

These prestressed wall panels are suitable for commercial, industrial or agricultural use in either small or large contracts.


  • Rapid Build. Typically up to 200m2 per day.
  • No Strip Foundation required.
  • No builders or plasterers required.
  • No scaffold required.
  • No waste.
  • Panels can be installed regardless of weather conditions.
  • Panels can be removed or repositioned to meet changing circumstances.
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional builds.


  • The Pre-stressed design allows for maximum strength with minimum wall thickness, 100mm.
  • The Wall Panels are available in five different heights.600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.
  • The Wall Panels have good durability and cater for severe exposure as outlined in table 4.8 of BS 8110 part 1 1997.
  • The Wall Panels will provide a minimum of 1 hour fire resistance.
  • The Wall Panels have a tongue and grove edge which lock the units together when in place.
  • A mastic sealant can be applied to the joints to provide a watertight seal.

Walls can be built to any specified height by using a combination of the above standard heights and customised panels if required. All Wall Panels are made to measure. Non standard panels can be manufactured to suit openings and notches.

See the table below for details of the standard sizes available

Panel Sizes :

Wall Panels Vector :