Hot Rolled Asphalt

Hot Rolled Asphalt, when laid, is an impermeable and durable surface. It is manufactured using a blend of sand, crushed rock aggregate, limestone filler and bitumen binder. Asphalt is used for a wide range of surfacing applications from road construction, footways, commercial premises, car-parks, driveways and agricultural sites such as silo floors. The material can be machine laid or hand laid as each situation merits with pre-coated chippings rolled into the surface. These pre-coated chippings come in various sizes and colours such as black, red and grey granite to give a decorative effect.


Bitmacs (under European terminology known as Asphalt Concrete) are made up of a blend of differing sizes of aggregates bound together with a bitumen binder to give an interlocking matrix which in itself provides material strength. Bitmacs (Asphalt Concrete) are used at all stages of road, car-park, footway, and driveway construction and provide a quick and simple solution to most surfacing needs.

Stone Mastic Asphalts – Mccafpave Thin Surface System

Stone mastic asphalt when laid provides a tough and durable hard wearing surface with a limited amount of permeability to reduce water ponding on the surface of the material. It can be designed to have an increased skid resistance with the use of high PSV aggregates. Can be laid in thin layers down to 40mm in depth over a previously laid base course to provide many years of service. Stone mastic asphalts can be laid by machine or hand laid dependant on the situation, and has a number of surfacing applications including road construction, footways, commercial premises, car parks and driveways.

PCC – Precoated Chips

We also supply precoated chippings in a range of sizes and colours, red and black in sizes including 10mm, 14mm and 20mm, for use in hot rolled asphalt products.