Craighshane Windfarm

This was a twenty two wind turbine farm that was split between two sites outside Killeter. The main contractor for the project was Adman’s Civil Projects Ltd, and after successfully tendering for the contract B. McCaffrey’s started to supply materials from November 2011 with the first trial concrete bases being poured in April 2012.

Each Turbine consisted of approximately 360 cubic meters of high strength GGBS (Slag) concrete. This was successfully delivered within a restricted time frame as imposed by planning regulations.

Aggregates where also supplied to the site to provide roadways, crane pads and various other functions including drainage and washout bays.

Materials for the associated substation at Magherakeel were also supplied with a number of specialist concretes produced including water proof concrete (admixtures supplied by Grace Construction Products) and high strength frost resistant concrete for roadways around the substation.

The total tonnage of aggregate was X tonnes. There was X cubic meters of concrete supplied to the entire project. All of which was delivered efficiently and on time.

First pour of many!

First pour of many!