Agricultural lime is produced at two locations within the B. McCaffrey group of quarries, Derrylin and Drumquin. This supplies a number of different counties both the north and south of Ireland.

The benefits of applying agricultural lime is that very little land in Ireland has an adequate supply of lime with most soils being acidic in nature, needing occasional application of agricultural lime to keep them in best condition for top production. Agricultural lime works in that the calcium carbonate in the lime reacts with the acids in the soils and neutralises them. Without regular application of agricultural lime, acid soil conditions can be severe enough to seriously reduce crop yields and cause significant loss to the farmer.

Benefits of Agricultural Lime

  • Removes the acidity in soils.
  • Crops and grass respond better to manuring.
  • Improves the “life” of the soil.
  • Some stiff retentive soils drain better and are easier to till after Liming


Below are the results for the lime at the two locations giving TNV (total neutralising value). Any further technical results are available on request.

Analysis Reports :